Published on January th, 2012

Enjoy reading some testimonies from attendees, volunteers, worshipers, and area pastors.

2014 Testimonies

No words could really express how you had been used to ignite Soulcheck on Guam. It’s just the beginning of greater things to come. Many were blessed and because of the labor much fruit will come from what God has ordained. We hope our island and its people blessed you as you poured out His cause and love over Guam. We love you Natasha. Until the next time, may you be refreshed by HIM!

—Sarah Jane Ovalles Lake

That night a gentleman came up to me from no where to ask if he could pray over me. “He said sister you look lost, keep your eyes on The Lord and your family will follow” he also said that if I turn to God, I shall be blessed. I had just arrived to Soulcheck and being that I was wearing all black clothing and it was dark he still picked me out of the crowd. The mother and child who attended with my daughter and I just watched as he ministered to me. When he left we could only remember he was wearing military type pants but can’t remember his shirt color or which direction he left to. The reason I am sharing this is because he knew what I was praying for. My constant prayer is for my family to be saved and for me to have strength in my faith. His prayer to me was to be faithful and The Lord will be faithful as well. If anyone has heard a male around the age of early to late forties claiming he prayed for me I would love to thank him in person. I have been blessed since that day in many ways. Thank you Jesus for sending a prayer warrior my way, when I wanted to just turn around and go home and not stay at the event. I ended up leaving at 11:15 that night and I am blessed to have seen the love for Jesus through the celebration of other Christians that night.

—Christie Mehring-Cruz

Ok everybody My name is Ken and I’m the mayor of Yona. I’m here at Soulcheck Guam:Fiesta for Jesus. I found it to be very informative. This is what the people of Guam needed to come together and celebrate our Father and all the greatness and all the glory that He is about. I believe that if we all work together and all truly have Him in our hearts that anything is possible. And I give all praise and glory to our Father. I’m very grateful for all the souls and the beautiful people that were here tonight b/c they all sincerely and they truly wanted to see the Lord and His work and I believe that in the future that we can continue to go in the direction we are going like a Fiesta for Jesus and spreading the Good News for an event that we can all see each other when we go home. I give all praise and glory to our Father. Thank you so much God bless Guam. God bless you.

—Mayor Ken

2011 Testimonies

In December of 2010 I was invited to a Soulcheck Christmas party. I had no clue what Soulcheck meant, was just looking forward to the party, food, meet some new people, and enjoy the Christmas season. I arrive and was not disappointed at all! There was great food, some very nice people, but I still had no clue what this Soulcheck thing was all about. Finally the executive producer got up and begain sharing what Soulcheck is, the vision, how it came to be, and the Bible scripture that spoke to me, Malachi 1:11. The moment I read this verse, I felt the Holy Spirit guiding me to be a part of this journey.

God blessed me to be a part of several areas of the Soulcheck Ministry, but most of all, allowed me to witness how faithful God is to what He calls us to do in His name. I was blessed to see financial, material, and people power needs met. Some of these needs very challenging, and there were many times where prayer was the sole instrument, because only God can move people into action! Deadlines were met, people were moved, and God brought the event to life in amazing to see ways.

The event itself was very powerful, very moving, and any were brought to their knees in worship! God’s message was very heart penetrating and a beautiful sunrise was a great way to conclude our worship time together. Many of us were still very awake and full of energy from the Holy Spirit. It was such a blessing to have seen God bring Soulcheck to life!

—Thad Fiebich


As part of the “salvation” team, I met Gabriel and his fiancée, Megan. Their story is pretty amazing. They have a date night every week and alternate who chooses where they are going. Normally, they do it on Sunday, but they just decided to switch to Friday’s this week because they work on wedding planning stuff on Sunday’s. It was also Megan’s week to choose where to go. She chose to go to Soulcheck and didn’t tell Gabriel where until they showed up. He didn’t want to go, but had previously said that he was “fine with anything.” So, she reminded him of that and got him to go. After some incredible worship and testimony, he ended up coming forward for the alter call. He also decided to get baptized. So, I led him over to the tubs and he got baptized by Carl. Carl’s fiancée apparently knew Gabriel from work. They had met in a store, not too long ago, and because Gabriel was engaged and they were engaged, they decided to pray for him and Megan (even though Carl had never met him previously). That prayer was on their way to Soulcheck. Talking with Gabriel and Megan more, I had realized just how much God was pursuing him. God has been seeking after Gabriel for a while, but Gabriel hadn’t been ready to acknowledge his need for Christ. He was going to church but for the wrong reasons. So, he didn’t maintain attendance as his life situation changed. Soulcheck, however, helped him to realize his need for God. The first thing he wanted to do after getting baptized was to pray for the salvation of his siblings and father. His prayer was one of the most heartfelt prayers I’ve ever heard. He is clearly, now, sold out for Christ. Praise God!

—Aaron Shbeeb


I want to thank you for your labor of love that is SOULCHECK. It’s hard for me to express what this gathering means to me. I don’t think I grasp it myself. I went not really knowing what to expect — not expecting much. Once I was there I sought God and He honored my seeking Him. Tremendous. One of the things that happened was that I didn’t believe that praise dancing (choreographed) could be a spiritual offering to God. I was wrong. God show me my unbelief in many areas of my live.
Thank you for SOULCHECK, and may the LORD continue to bless your labors. I know that He will, and I pray that I will be able to give something back and help another person be blessed at the next one. Amen.

—Brother Alan


Soulcheck, the multi-ethnic praise and worship event has ignited the city of Houston and the Transformation movement. They have helped the Body of Christ to practice the principle of the Unity of the Body. Many churches have come together to worship the King and many people have made Jesus the Lord of their life. I trust that they will be able to assist your city and your ministry in attracting the presence of God as the church comes together to praise and True and Living God.

Soulcheck’s leadership has provided a great model for Christian leadership and has demonstrated a passion for the Lord Jesus that is quite admirable. The leadership understands the need for repentance in a leader’s life and understand how to walk in a manner worthy of a leader’s calling.

I highly recommend Soulcheck as a strategy for unity of the Body of Christ, worship to the Living Christ and evangelization of a City.

—Pastor Rickie Bradshaw


We believe that Soulcheck is a gift from the Lord to His Church because of its purity and desire to re-establish the altar of pure worship in a city or community.

—Dr. Doug Stringer

2009 Testimonies

For the Persian Praise Team it was a privilege and blessing to be a part of 2009 Soulcheck at the Discovery Green, Houston. We were blessed by seeing Christ’s name proclaimed through different media and in different languages. In the heat of the summer in Houston, God blessed us with an incredibly cool weather which allowed worshipers to dance and sing their hearts out along with the praise teams from different countries. It was a reminder of how heaven would be like– People from all nations praising His glory.

Our Team was blessed by the circle of prayer at the hotel prior to service and how sweet and helpful the support staff was. Everyone gave their all. The sound of shofars at the beginning of the program, worship songs, dancers, sand art, oil painting, and the proclaimed words were all used for His glory. It truly was a privilege to be a part of this event.

—Persian Praise Team


The whole experience was a testimony. I was privileged to worship with some of the most genuine people I have ever met.

Upon my arrival at the Soulcheck event location Discovery Green, I was so excited when I saw the location and the endless possibilities of how the public would benefit from the event. The whole environment was subject to the spirit, no one had any issues and the whole place was very peaceful. That tells me that the Holy Spirit has broken every stronghold and His presence was felt right away.

We went to the Hotel and while we were getting ready for the event we broke out into a spontaneous worship that uplifted my heart and I believe the heart of many of the worshippers.

We went back to the park and the whole event was perfect. Worshipping and praising God with a MULTI-cultural crowd and the whole experienced felt like Heaven. I enjoyed the artistry exhibition (sand art), the Iranian team, the Spanish praise band, the Vietnamese worshippers and hip-hop mix, and the exhortation. Everything synced so beautifully and the anointing was so satisfying.

Soulcheck made me wonder even more how Heaven would be… Revelation 5:9 new songs… out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation.

Worshiping our Lord together is the ultimate experience and Soulcheck gave me an amazing platform. It is truly a testimony.

—Nigerian Hip Hop Artist


I brought my family of five to Soulcheck at Discovery Green. My eldest boy was so moved at worshiping God outside the church that he received true revelation about Jesus. The following Sunday, he went up to the altar to surrender his life to Christ. The family is overwhelmed. Thank you for being obedient.