Frequently Asked Questions

Published on January th, 2012

What is a Soulcheck?
A Soulcheck occurs when one’s emotions, mind, and will align with God’s Word. We believe as we worship the Lord in spirit and truth that He will personally Soulcheck everyone in attendance.

When do doors open?
Doors open one hour before event time.

What should I bring to Soulcheck?
Please refer to Rules and Regulations of Venue. click here

Why 12-hour worship?
We want to be extravagant in our worship and adoration to the Lord. We would like to encourage people to come out and deliberately sacrifice their time and creature-comforts in order to worship God. He is worth it!!

Am I required to stay at SoulCheck for the full 12 hours?
We encourage everyone to stay as long as they can, but no one is required to stay the full 12 hours. We do ask when you register to estimate how long you will be staying.

Will food be available for purchase?
Yes, unless we advertise differently.

Am I allowed to bring my own food?
The venue does not permit outside food and beverages, unless we advertise differently.

Where can I find your endorsers on the website?
We actually do not list our endorsers on the website. Soulcheck is a nameless and faceless worship experience. We do not want to promote anyone or anything but God. We would like to be spread by word of mouth.

Where can I find the names of the people involved in Soulcheck?
We do not advertise the names of the worship teams nor anyone else. We desire to be a nameless and faceless organization that only promotes Jesus.

What is the benefit of registering?
Space at the event is limited, and registering guarantees you a spot.

Will parking be free?
This will depend upon the venue.

Will I be able to reserve seats at the event?
Seating is first-come first-serve.

Will you allow promotions of different brands and events at Soulcheck?
At Soulcheck, we do not promote or sell anything. In fact, there is no admission fee or offering taken. We just want to facilitate multicultural Christian worship.

Will there be breaks?
Attendees may step out and take breaks at any time.

Will my private information be safe?
Please read our privacy policy. click here