Published on January th, 2012

Sweet Victory Music, Inc., its affiliates, subsidiaries, sponsors, board members, trustees, officers, and employees, disclaims any liability for losses, damages, costs, or expenses of whatever kind or nature incurred by participants, invitees, or guests in connection with Soulcheck including, without limitation, personal injury and damages thereof including but not limited to loss of income, earnings, bodily injury, pain and suffering, emotional or mental distress and any and all medical expenses. Participants, invitees, and guests further understand that attendance at Soulcheck may involve a certain degree of risk of personal injury and injury to personal property which may result from participation or attendance. Such injuries may be caused by several unanticipated factors, including but not limited to volunteers, third-parties, road and other conditions caused by weather, including uneven and damaged terrain, the presence of moisture, obstacles and other obstructions upon or under the terrain and other natural or man-made conditions which may be hazardous or create hazards to the activities engaged in. The participants, invitees, and guests further acknowledge and assume all risk of injury and/or damage which may result from any reason whatsoever by attending Soulcheck.